How Many TVs at Home is Too Many?

How Many TVs at Home is Too Many?
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Have you ever wondered if you have too many TVs? If you have three TVs in every room so that you and your family can watch your favorite team play, favorite show and play X-Box at the same time then the answer is probably, yes. The good thing is that with the right cable service you can solve this.

Deciding if you have an over-abundance in your home really depends on how many people you have in your home. You should never base the number of TVs in your home off of how many shows you can watch since cable service allows you to record and watch shows at the same time. This ensures that you and your family don't ever have to miss an episode of your favorite show because someone else is watching the TV.

You should never have to have more than one television in a room. Have you ever walked into a home that has three TVs on at the same time with sports games, shows, and video games all playing at the same time. This creates a TV mental mess, not to mention the actual mess with wires going everywhere. You basically give yourself whiplash while trying to figure out which TV to look at.

With the right cable service you can have frame in frame so that you can watch your show and sports game, at the same time, on the same TV. While you are watching the show you can also record whatever shows you do not want to miss at that time. This means that you get to watch your shows without missing the Cowboys scoring a touchdown and you can save yourself from trying to explain to your doctor that you got whiplash watching television.

This brings us to the decision of how many TVs is too many.

According to “The Sourcebook For Teaching Science” there are 2.24 TVs in an average home. More than one TV in a room is too many. If you have a TV for every room in your house including your bathroom then that may be too many. The best way to decide if you have too many TVs is to ask yourself how many people you have in the household. A good rule of thumb to follow is one TV per person excluding all children who are not able to operate one on their own (Junior does not need a TV so that you can catch up on Dexter while feeding him his nightly bottle).

One reason this number might be used is because when you have the right cable service you do not need to have three TVs per family member, one in every room, or three to a room. With the right cable service and one TV per person you can make sure that there are no fights over the TV. You can record shows, watch frame in frame, catch up on old episodes, and never say or hear the words "there is nothing on TV" again. It's time for TV harmony.