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Recognized among the Top 3 RE/MAX teams in Illinois, the Sarah Leonard Team's rise to the top comes as no surprise. Each client is treated as if they're the team's only priority, which proves to be a great accomplishment after closing over 415 homes in the last year.  They're now recognized among the country's top 1 percent of all agents by the Wall Street Journal. Comprised of team owner, Sarah Leonard, and 8 highly-qualified agents, along with 7 full-time detail oriented staff, the Sarah Leonard Team doesn't skip a beat.

The team combines knowledge of local communities with their equally impressive experience, having proudly grown each year to stay ahead of the rest. The team's success stems from their dedication to their clients. Having flexibility and a genuine care for each and every transaction has resulted in an array of awards, including Hall of Fame recipient, #1 Team in Illinois by Chicago Agent Magazine, and a Top Team among all Brokerages Firms in Illinois. The team knows that awards are earned with hard work and dedication, and that means staying current on the latest technology and keeping up to date with the real estate community in order to give their clients the best possible service.

When working with The Sarah Leonard Team, clients can expect constant communication and guidance. Real Estate can be stressful and very personal for many clients, so the Sarah Leonard Team’s agents and staff treat each seller or buyer as if this were they were their only client; hands-on attention from start to finish ~ Staying in touch each step of the way and explaining the process to make it as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Sarah Leonard

Real estate agents are a dime a dozen. Their skillsets and experiences span the entire spectrum from truly committed and extremely competent to the part-time, bored, stay-at-home spouse who decided to try their hand at real estate. During the lengthy process of selling and buying a house, I came  across all kinds of agents. An agent (also buyer) who could not even qualify for a loan themselves, an agent who wouldn't even be able to sell a free Hawaiian vacation to an Eskimo, an agent who was using processes and sales techniques from the Jurassic period, an agent who was as passive as a dead fish from a lake in Chernobyl, the list goes on and on... And on the other end of the spectrum, standing out from amongst this pack is Sarah Leonard. You will not find a more knowledgeable, tenacious and 'get-it-done' group of people than Sarah and her team. From the first meeting, to the staging, to the pricing of the home, to the showings, to the negotiations and all the way to the closing, Sarah and her team were on top of their game. They have totally optimized the entire process. You can plug in your own professionals (inspectors, mortgage brokers, movers) into this process or go with Sarah's carefully screened referrals. Either way, it works like a well-oiled machine. They are not only on top of their game they also force everyone else involved in the process to keep pace. The buyer's lender is dragging their feet, guess who is calling them? Sarah. The seller is behind the timeline, guess who is calling their lawyer to move them along? Sarah. She is totally invested in your interests and that commitment shows up at every stage and nowhere more than during the negotiations phase. Give her the broad parameters of what you are willing to accept or pay for a property and Sarah will get it done. She was my listing agent and I was so impressed with her negotiation skills that I even had her negotiate the offer for my purchase. And she did not disappoint ! This is the largest transaction most of us will make in our lifetimes and you want the best and most competitive team to represent you. Do yourself a favor, give Sarah Leonard and team a call. I cannot recommend them enough. 

Hyder K.